Pulsatile twin parallel jets through a flexible orifice with application to edge-to-edge mitral valve repair

Published in Physics of Fluids, 2020

Recommended citation: https://aip.scitation.org/doi/full/10.1063/5.0025859

ABSTRACT Edge-to-edge repair is a procedure introduced to overcome mitral valve regurgitation. However, it leads to an unusual flow in the left ventricle characterized by twin parallel pulsed jets. This type of flow has not been extensively investigated in the literature. We set up a basic experiment to better characterize this type of flow from a fundamental point of view. Planar time-resolved particle image velocimetry measurements were performed downstream of three configurations of mitral valves corresponding to healthy and repaired valves. The flow field is characterized using velocity profiles, viscous energy dissipation, and time-frequency spectra, and their potential clinical impact is highlighted.

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