You have entered the personal webpage of Maziar Sargordi, a PhD student in the Mathematics engineering department, Polytechnique Montreal, with an interest in tensor networks, machine learning and everything in between. Currently, I am a machine learning research intern at MILA working in Chandar Research Lab (CRL) under supervision of Sarath Chandar. Previous to my journey of machine learning, I did both my bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering. I did my masters in Laboratory of Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics (LCFD) under supervision of Lyes Kadem and Hoi Dick Ng at Concordia University. My master’s thesis is Flow characteristics downstream of twin pulsed orifice jets: application to mitral valve repair.

Research Interests

I am a machine learning enthusiast and am currently learning about application of Constraint Programming (CP) in neural networks. I am also interested in reinforcement learning and tensor networks.